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2c52 tube data book

6c33c- b ( ru) – 6s33s- v these 2c52 tube data book triodes are intended to work as regulating valve in electronic stabilisers of voltage. They consist of two 2c52 tube data book triodes ( a and b) in the same glass envelope. Cathodes, 2c52 tube data book grids and plates are internally connected in parallel. The filaments are lead out separately for each 2c52 tube data book triode. Manufacturers: ulyanov. Fujitsu data book 1 corporate 2c52 tube data book data corporate data fujitsu is the leading japanese information and communication technology ( ict) 2c52 tube data book 2c52 tube data book company offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. Data book 1 is an e- book of nearly 100 pages and is filled with handy information and circuits. The contents are listed below and you can see everything on these links: pagesapprox 1mb) pagesapprox 1mb) pagesapprox 1mb) pagesapprox 1mb) download the. Datasheet of triodes, diodes, penthodes,, tetrodes, vacuum tubes.

Home > 2c52 tube data book tube data sheet. Several of the tube bases below indicate the location of the dot or arrow on the base of the tube. Check the notations column in the test data settings and then examine the tube and identify the correct basing to use. Subminiature tubes of the flat on in- line contact type are tested in flat socket x109. 1 mil- spec raytheon 2c52 vacuum tube new in box.

Inventory class new old stock date code 2c52 tube data book 3/ 60 mfg. Data data sheet 404: / 5oz 6x4 rp* product details. Electron tube data sheets - 2. 2c52 raytheon tt 2c52. Pdfbytes) 2c53 nu t 2c53. Pdfbytes) 2cn3a : rca ( hb3) r 2cn3a. The zoll e series is the first 2c52 tube data book ems monitor/ defibrillator to offer wifi. Equipped with the new data comm module, the e series within the range 2c52 tube data book of a 2c52 tube data book secure wireless access point will automatically.

This data book contains comprehensive data sheets and applications information 2c52 tube data book on all of the 2c52 tube data book new commu- nications ics being produced at lansdale. But first, i’ d like to introduce you to lansdale with a brief company history, including our beginnings, our growth, and our development into an industry leader. Sheet six contains tester settings data for use with the mx- 949 series adapter kits and sheet 7 contains ballast tube test settings data for use without the mx- 949 series adapter. Sheet 8 is a 2c52 tube data book " shorts" list that allows you to determine 2c52 tube data book which tube elements are shorted by looking at a chart.

Buy the ecc40 duo triode radio tubes unidentified manufacturers online on electols at best price for immediate delivery. Frank' s electron tube pages 1 year! With almost 1000 datasheets and the visitor counter indicates over 4000! Data sheetsintroducing short data. Clickable types in the ' tube type list'. Appendix of přehled elektronek 1956 translated to english. See ' vademecum' pages. The ttl data book for design engineers on amazon.

* free* shipping on qualifying offers. Poly bagged for protection and customer satisfaction. Ships directly from amazon, buy with confidence. Tube 2a5 2c52 tube data book 2c52 tube data book or röhre 2a5 id2649, vacuum pentode, 6- pin- base u6a, old, usa and power/ output shown. Radio tubes are valves. The following list shows the tube types i have entered in my database, with exception of the 2c52 tube data book service types ( e. You can use the search to find service types or go to the service type lists that you can access from the page more tube related stuff. Tube data sheet locator. Warning: substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application.

Tube 2c50 or röhre 2c50 id4217, double triode, octal ( int. Octal, io) k8a, usa 1935 and shown. Cbs reference guide for television picture tubes 1956; elorg russian tubes datasheets; mil hdbk tubes cross reference hdbk_ 213a 1963. Net tube 2c52 tube data book data here you' ll find manufacturers' data sheets and curves for many popular ( and some not so popular ) electronic valve types. If you can' t find what you need here, try duncan' s tube data sheet locator. Ge 5ar4 datasheet.

I usually tend to use 5u4gb’ s 2c52 tube data book as the rectifier when needing a high current tube rectifier and account for the larger voltage drop with the correct transformer however the 5ar4/ gz34 is a good tube as well. The 5ar4 and 2c52 tube data book gz34 is an indirectly heated cathode tube which means it takes longer to warm up. Any suggestion of use for the 6ar11 compactron tube? Twin semi- remote cut- off pentode w/ high slope. Data- book says it' s used as if amp in tvs.

Seems to be of no use. Maybe a small p- p amp @ 2. Don' 2c52 tube data book t know if remote cut- off tubes will work in power amp 2c52 tube data book - i' ll deffer to the experts. Vintage 2c52 tube data book raytheon 2c52 vacuum tube. New old stock tube and in near perfect condition.

Original box has its 2c52 tube data book share of wear. Tested on a hickok 118b cardmatic tube tester. 2c52' s are similar to a 12sl7' s - they 2c52 tube data book have the same 8bd basing ( 6sn7/ 6sl7/ 12sl7/ 12sn7) but have a mu of 100 and a typical gm of. Abcvacuum tubes email: com phone: fax: to order fill out last page of catalog or visit us at www. Com | | jul/ 18/. I don' t have necessarily data for all these types but i also have many data for types not listed. Some tube types end with an underscore ( _ ) followed 2c52 tube data book by some letters indicating the brand or a number if the brand is unknown. The underscore and these letters 2c52 tube data book are not part of 2c52 tube data book the tube type number. Data on those is pretty easy to find.

The most common book for receiving tubes is the " rca receiving tube manual rc- 19", 2c52 tube data book ( where " 19" is a recent ( sic) 2c52 tube data book revision). Try fair radio supply or a google search. This data 2c52 tube data book is in constant ( if slow- moving) flux, 2c52 tube data book so be sure to look in the wps technology area for new entries, 2c52 tube data book 2c52 tube data book such as application notes. Title: 6fd7 author: rca subject: fpcreated date: 10: 06: 22 pm. Double triode, 6h8c datasheet, 6h8c circuit, 6h8c data sheet : etc, alldatasheet, datasheet, datasheet search site for electronic components and semiconductors. Bold designators are close or identical, italic designators 2c52 tube data book are different ratings, different pinouts or different filament voltages. Please see the substitutes at the top of the page for more details. Tube basics and 2c52 tube data book faq grading and matching vacuum tube warranty & return policy cryogenic treating tube testing equipment why we don' t sell certain brands.

Dieter’ s nixie tube data archive 2c52 tube data book this file is a part of dieter' s nixie- and display tubes data archive if you have more datasheets, articles, books, pictures or other information about nixie tubes or other display devices please let me know. Document in this file telefunken tube data book display devices in this document. 5r4gy brown base ( 5r4gy= 5v filament @ 2a, piv= 2800v, imax= 150ma, tube vdrop = 67v @ 250ma dc) ( 2c52 tube data book piv= 2400v @ imax= 175ma, piv= 2100v @ imax= 2c52 tube data book 250ma) ( y= brown base) ( a 5r4gy is clearer and more airy sounding than a 5u4gb, but the 274b we 1930' s- 1950' s will blow each away, it is the 2c52 tube data book best; awesome transparency and inner resolution) - world 2c52 tube data book audio design 2c52 tube data book 300b pse - cary cad300se signature - emotive audio. No no, not an amp. More along the lines of ( an) rf oscillator( s) and stocking replacements for my test pieces.

Amplifiers i am torn 2c52 tube data book on: audiphools drive the prices on good tubes& parts up but on the other hand most of what i am trying to build are either exciters or rf amps& finals so. Can' t bash the audiophools too hard. Title: 12ay7 author: general electric subject: ja- fpcreated date: 5: 33: 00 pm. Electron tube type: brand: system: data 2c52 tube data book sheet; 3b24w eev r 3b24w.

Pdfbytes) 3b24w ( = rk3b24w) raytheon r 3b24w. Pdfbytes) 3b24w eev r 3b24w.

Pdfbytes) 3b24wa united- electronics r 3b24wa. Pdfbytes) 3b24wa raytheon r 3b24wa. Created date: 7: 42: 41 pm. The 6c4 triode valve was specified as both an amplifier and an rf power valve. In the latter role it would deliver 5. 5 watts in class c operation.

With a very small envelope volume, this would make it ideal for hand portable equipment. In larger apparatus 2c52 tube data book it could deliver enough drive power for much larger pa' s. Title: 0a3 0b3 0c3 0d3 author: tung- sol subject: fpcreated date: 1: 50: 39 am. 6c33c, 6c33c- b 6s33s, 6s33s- v general characteristics type 6c33c 6c33c- b filament voltage, volt 6. 6 anode voltage, voltresistance in cathode circuit, ohm 35 35 type 6c33c 6c33c- b filament 2c52 tube data book ( heater) current, a 3. 6 anode current, ma 540± 90 550± 80 reverse grid current, mka £ 5 £ 5

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